Walking the Boardwalk in Barbados

There are plenty of places to see on this island, but the main reason people visit Barbados is to see the stunning beaches. With beautiful sand and aqua blue waters, it really is a sight to behold.  Like most beaches we visit, we love nothing more than to take a stroll along the sand and enjoy everything it has to offer.  It’s obviously a popular ‘thing to do’ in Barbados too, as the government has set up a boardwalk along a section of beach along the south coast.


Walking the Boardwalk in Barbados Boardwalk location


At just over a kilometer long the board walk is a great stroll along a beautiful section of the Barbados coast line.  It has been built for everyone at what ever speed is comfortable for you, with plenty of places along the route to sit back, relax and take in the view.  Benches, parks and of course the beach offer plenty of places to sit an enjoy the view.  The route is also popular with joggers.  I mean if you are going to punish yourself while on holiday, then you might as well enjoy the view!


Walking the Boardwalk in Barbados - Beach


Along the route you will also find a few restaurants and cafes to enjoy.  I also guarantee that you will not find a better view at any KFC in the world if you are after some fast food.  It’s about as cheap a meal you will ever have in a restaurant that has this kind of view.


Walking the Boardwalk in Barbados - Picture


And of course there is the beach.  At both ends of the boardwalk there are lengthy stretches of beach, with several others scattered along the boardwalk path.  With those aqua waters it’s very hard not to  jump in before, during and after your stroll.


Walking the Boardwalk in Barbados - Art


The boardwalk is a great excuse to visit this area of Barbados.  Yes the beach by itself here is more than enough to come for, but the boardwalk adds to the enjoyment.  The price is great (free!) and it allows you to explore a bit more of the coast than you would have otherwise.


Have you been to Barbados?  Did you walk along the Barbados boardwalk?




Author: Nicole

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  1. Got my Padi on Barbados a couple of years ago. It was the best theory exam I have ever given and the whole experience was amazing. Instead of wasting some lessons in a swimming pool I was thrown into the sea on the first day. Couldn’t be better!

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  2. is barbados safe for family trip?

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    • Michael

      We never felt threatened and it seemed fairly safe when we were there. We aren’t late night night-clubbers though!

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