Activities to Add to Your Puerto Rico Intinerary

Puerto Rico – where the sunshine is bright; the sea waves, mighty; and, the whole island a paradise. If it’s a great tropical island getaway that you want, you will get that and so much more in the bosoms of one of the world’s most celebrated vacation destinations, Puerto Rico. Situated east of the Dominican Republic, this majestic island is known for its superb hospitality, rich culture and history, vibrant and lively atmosphere, and unadulterated God-given wonders.

With so much to see and experience in Puerto Rico, where do you start? Below is a narrowed down list of some of the most popular and highly recommended things to do in this Caribbean island.


Old San Juan Puerto Rico


Explore Old San Juan

San Juan is one of the most popular tourist hot spots in Puerto Rico, and rightfully so. With its colorful structures and potent and well preserved history, there’s no wonder why tourists can’t seem to get enough of this old military complex. San Juan is a very small island connected to the mainland by three (3) bridges. Located in the island are the two well-renowned twin fortresses, the Castillo San Cristóbal and the Castillo San Felipe del Morro (Morro Castle). War aficionados and history buffs will surely go gaga over these remnants of Puerto Rico’s past.


  Isla de Vieques Puerto Rico


Visit Vieques Island

Rivaling San Juan in popularity, Vieques is one place you wouldn’t want to miss going to if you’re in Puerto Rico. An amazing and rare site that you will find in Vieques: waters that glow in the night. It’s the oddest thing. In Vieques’s Mosquito Bay, millions of bioluminescent microorganisms called dinoflagellates light up the waters of the bay, making it glow a bluish color in the dark. Another must see place in Vieques is the Sun Bay.


  El Yunque Trial Puerto Rico


Traverse El Yunque National Forest

The only tropical forest in the US National Forest System, El Yunque is one of Puerto Rico’s pride and glory. The vast expanse of floras and faunas that make up this lush tropical rain forest are refreshing and invigorating treats to one’s soul. The two most popular of the 13 official hiking trails are the Big Tree and La Mina Trails, which collectively take two hours to traverse. If you attempt to trek the whole of El Yunque, it will take you more than a day; so why not have a camping trip surrounded by nature while you’re at it?


  Puerto Rico Beach


Unwind and Relax in its Pristine Beaches

Puerto Rico boasts stunning signature Caribbean white sand beaches and clear aqua blue waters. If you haven’t swam in its waters or luxuriated in its beaches, you haven’t really done much of anything on the island. Some of Puerto Rico’s most popular beaches are the Luquillo Beach, Pine Grove Beach, Carolina Public Beach, Boquerón Beach and the Seven Seas Beach. Whether your purpose is a romantic getaway, a family outing, meeting with friends or you just want to chill on the beach by yourself, there is a beach in Puerto Rico that will suit your tastes.


  Snorkeling in Puerto Rico


Play Exciting Sports and Outdoor Activities

If you simply want to relax and have a serene and peaceful vacation, you can just lay back and bask in Puerto Rico’s beaches. But if you’re a thrill-seeker, you’ll want to try some of these fun activities:

Water-related activities

  • Snorkelling – snorkel under transparent waters and see aquatic wildlife up close and personal
  • Fishing – hop on a boat and try your hand at reeling in anything from tuna and blue marlin to sailfish and wahoo
  • Surfing – Rincón, Puerto Rico’s go-to place for great waves, is known world-wide for its standout surfing environment

Other outdoor activities

  • Zip lining – anyone who hasn’t tried this is missing out ‘zipping’ through the beautiful terrain at a 100 miles an hour, all while your heart is going 200 beats per minute!
  • Horseback riding – What better way to getting back to nature and seeing the island than on the back of a horse
  • Rappelling – the island has many cliff faces for you to explore
  • Hang gliding – See beautiful views of the island from way up above.  Hope you aren’t afraid of heights.


Do you have any suggestions of things to do in Puerto Rico?



Author: Nicole

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  1. Love love love! The picture of San Juan makes me want to jump on a plane 🙂 Not that my other half ever wants to be on another island again for the rest of his life, but the girlfriends and I have tropical getaway planned for our 30ths in the near future and this post may have made Puerto Rica a major contender!
    Kathleen l Our Favorite Adventure recently posted…Hello, Italy! At Eco Hotel La ResidenzaMy Profile

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  2. That’s an amazing picture of San Juan. What filter were you using? Or were you? Vieques Island has my vote for best thing to do in Puerto Rico. Just look at that gorgeous beach.

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  3. The pictures of the natural forest look absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to leave my office and go there right now!

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  4. What a gorgeous place! I’m very fascinated by the Mosquito Bay on Vieques Island that you mentioned. Glowing waters – how cool is that? Truly amazing!

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  5. We are taking a cruise from Puerto Rico. Where would you suggest to stay near the port that isn’t over the top nor a dump? Also will there be things to do close by?

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    • Michael

      Hi Pam. Thanks for stopping by! When we were in PR prior to our cruise, we stayed at San Juan Marriott & Stella Casino. We got quite a good deal on Great hotel, great location and a cheap taxi ride to the port. The area is not large so everything is pretty close by. Taxis are cheap (make sure you agree on a price before you get into the cab!) so getting around is easy. If you like walking, there is quite a bit within walking distance of the hotel district. You shouldn’t have any problems at all 🙂

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      • Perfect and thanks so much!

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  6. I love Puerto Rico..I will be on a plane in Nov. heading to my favorite place. If you have never been..GO !

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  7. Any recommendations on where to stay while in the PR? I’m thinking about taking a cruise at the end of the year and it originates in PR. I would LOVE to take 2-3 days before sailing to check out what PR has to offer.
    Anita Monson recently posted…St Julian Winery – Union Pier, MichiganMy Profile

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    • Michael

      Honestly nothing we stayed at really stands out as a great place to stay. Anything else we could give you would just by “googling it”. Sorry we couldn’t help more!

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