Awesome Activities at Antigua and Barbuda

When winter seems eternal, we all too often pass the time by dreaming of sunny beaches and warmer locales. Yet it is no dream that both Antigua and Barbuda exist in the land of perpetual summer. With year round temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees, these Caribbean islands would make an ideal winter getaway. So without further ado, here is a list of awesome activities at Antigua and Barbuda.


Awesome Activities at Antigua and Barbuda - stringray


Stingray City


This adventure tour allows guests to swim with local stingrays and hand feed these sea creatures pieces of squid. After a brief overview, an uneventful ten minute boat ride brings visitors out to the floating dock where the fun begins. There is a roped off space where participants can stand in waist high water to meet the free range stingrays. A variety of tropical fish can be found at the nearby coral reefs, so guests are given plenty of time to snorkel and explore the area. There are bathroom facilities available onshore should they be needed. This is a great activity for both kids and adults and it is certainly worth the $50 per person price tag.


Awesome Activities at Antigua and Barbuda - Valley Church Beach


Valley Church Beach


Although the taxi drivers may insist their patrons try Jolly Beach instead, island visitors will have a much better time at the generally quiet and peaceful Valley Church Beach. At this location, the water is a gorgeous shade of blue and the sand is blindingly white. Plentiful shade and bathroom facilities can be found here as well. Jet skis, beach chairs, and umbrellas can all be rented at this beach. The nearby and highly recommended Nest Bar serves up tasty drinks, such as their famous rum punch. Perhaps the only downside is how crowded the beach can get when the cruise ships are in, but otherwise Valley Church Beach is a solid choice for swimming and sunbathing.


Awesome Activities at Antigua and Barbuda - 17 mile beach


17 Mile Beach


Pink sand beaches, clear blue-green waters, and spotlessly clean shores are the chief features of this lengthy beach. The isolated area is not at all commercialized, which may or may not be a perk depending on your preference. Visitors should bring all beach paraphernalia including sunscreen, water, snacks and towels with them if they plan on spending a day here. The good news is that if you choose to go to this beach, you may very well have the whole place to yourself!


Awesome Activities at Antigua and Barbuda - Caves


The Caves at Two Foot Bay


These interesting underground caverns were decorated by the native Arawak Indians and the petroglyphs they painted can still be seen today. The caves are located right near the carpark but they can be hard to find, as they are not signposted. However, even if you miss them, the view from the top of the mountain is still great. Getting to the caves can prove challenging because there isn’t any public transportation on the island and guests will have to rent their own wheels in order to find them. Visiting the caves does require good climbing skills and sturdy shoes.


After these awesome activities at Antigua and Barbuda you will need a bite to eat.  We recommend the following as great places to try out the Caribbean Cuisine.


Awesome Activities at Antigua and Barbuda - Cafe


Cecilia’s High Point Café


Cecilia’s is an ideal choice for either lunch or dinner in the town of Coolidge. This restaurant overlooks the ocean and the views from the verandah tables are wonderful. The delicious menu here is varied and eclectic, but most selections come from Swedish, Mediterranean, or Caribbean cuisines. The duck comfit, lobster, and gravlax are all recommended dishes at Cecilia’s. There are plenty of different drinks and the waiters are both attentive and professional. Reservations are suggested, but they are generally not required.


Awesome Activities at Antigua and Barbuda - Restaurant


Uncle Roddy’s


Dining choices on Barbuda are few and far between, but this restaurant eliminates the need for competition. Reservations are required at least a day in advance because, due to the isolated nature of the island, there might not be enough food on hand otherwise. Minor inconveniences aside, the drinks here are cold and the food is fresh. All entrees come with a side of rice and vegetables, but on other occasions food is served buffet style. The chief menu choices here are salt water lobster from the nearby lagoon, fish, and chicken. The tasty rum punch is also worth mentioning. Those planning to eat here should be sure to bring enough cash to pay for everything because the business isn’t set up for credit cards. Bug repellent is a must if you plan on being here late in the evening as the biting insects can be very fierce.


Are there any places we left out that are an absolute must-see when visiting these islands? Let us know in the comment section.


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Author: Nicole

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  1. Great tips, i´m traveling to Antiqua Barbuda next month, i´m definitly going to use your tips.

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  2. I live in Codrington and the barbudaful website is a good one for information about places to eat, tours and accommodation on Barbuda.

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  3. great tips. It is weird they call Barbuda’s beach 17 mile beach all over the internet but on a map its called 11 mile beach.

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  4. What is actually currency on antigua? do they accept usd?

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    • Michael

      Antigua uses East Caribbean Dollar, though USD is accepted in most touristy areas.

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