Top Five Things to Do in Singapore That May Surprise You

While it may be considered one of the best places to travel to by Lonely Planet, this little island paradise has more great things to do in Singapore then you can shake a stick at. For such a small destination, Singapore has a huge variety of amazing things to see and do, no matter what season you arrive. With a climate that reminds you at times of your favorite Caribbean island, the jewel of Asia is small in size but huge in surprises. Here are just five great adventures that await you when Singapore is your destination.




Surprise Yourself with Skiing Lessons

While skiing may not be the first or even second adventure you would think of when thinking Singapore, it is also the site of the first indoor ski slope. While the world may look sunny and hot outdoors, you are cool as a cucumber and having the time of your life at Urban Ski in downtown Singapore. You will astound your friends when you tell them that the best of all the things to do in Singapore includes fresh powder and chill temps.


Singapore Noodles


Learn to Cook Asian from Experts

There are several great cooking schools that you can sign up to take classes from here in Singapore. If you have come to love our cuisine, why not find out the secrets to its amazing taste by signing up for one of their many cooking classes? Tekka Center and Market has classes to not only show you how to prepare Asian dishes, but where to find the best freshest ingredients in our outdoor markets. Learn from the experts and take home the knowledge.




Seeing Butterflies – Top Things to Do in Singapore

This part of Asia has more amazing creatures and few are as beautiful as our butterflies. In fact, we are so proud of them that we have a zoo just for insects and butterflies that will astound you. Located on Sentosa Island, you and your family can see hundreds of varieties of insects and butterflies up close. It is an exploration of a typical rain forest without ever leaving the city. Once you are done seeing butterflies, make sure you check out the nearby beach.


Singapore Food


Take A Culinary Tour

Singapore is known the world over for its amazing food. But it can be hard to sample everything and know where to find it, without a guide. That is why we recommend taking one of the several culinary tours offered in our city to truly appreciate the variety of superior quality of food in Singapore. From street vendors to five star restaurants and everything in between, if you are a true foodie you will not want to miss out on any one of our great culinary tours while visiting Singapore.


Singapore Golf


Take a Health Day

Travel is stressful and traveling far from home is even more stressful. But here in the red dot of Asia we know how to take care of this stress. We can offer everything from yoga classes on the beach to state of the art juice cleansers. Why not book into a relaxing day of spa pampering at one of Singapore’s many fine hotels or take the day to golf at one of the many world class golf courses? What ever way you may find relaxation, Singapore can offer it here in the heart of Asia.


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