Top 3 Islands in the Caribbean

What could be better than visiting the Caribbean? Well, how about a visit to the top three island destinations in this little tropical conglomerate.  As it turns out, there is so much more to these islands than just relaxing at the resort. History, adventure, and serenity all await you. That is what you will find listed below. Each is unique, yet all are spectacular. Don’t visit the Caribbean without visiting one of these top three picks.

St. Barths



This tiny island has a history that dates back to 1493. That is the year that Christopher Columbus added this little gem to his own collection, however, the French would soon step in. From those early beginnings, the island has grown into a thriving tourist destination.

You can spend the afternoon wandering one of its many white sand beaches, or some quality time spending money with some retail therapy in one of their high-end designer boutiques. Be sure to visit the yacht Harbor where you can also find historical exhibits like the Wall House, which highlights the Swedish colonial heritage of the island. Also, Fort Karl, a 17th-century fixture, is quite popular as well, and offers some pretty spectacular views Shell Beach.

Virgin Gorda British Islands



This island is actually located very close to the Puerto Rican coast. There are plenty of different bayside wonders and beaches amongst their expensive green, lush spaces. This area is most known for its slow-paced poultry wandering around the island. There are also a few excellent natural trails. Devils Bay Beach and Trail finds in and around several large boulders, and often times crosses over shallow water.

The end is worth the payoff, for the beach is perfect for getting a suntan, or trying your hand at snorkeling. You can also head over to Spring Bay and get much the same experience. A few resorts and villas hold parties or picnics there, so there will always be something to do when you’re finished enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.

Yet, the real appeal here is for divers. If you want to see some amazing sea life, and unique underwater shipwrecks, then book one of the dives from the island and get ready to explore the ocean like you never have before. Your guide will give you a preview top side, before you descend and explore the wrecks up close and personal.

Antigua and Barbuda



These little expanses close to Guatemala offer many different resorts, luxury villas and amazing restaurants. However, you can always find some amazing food from street vendors and other places if you want something off the beaten path. So many things to do there include a visit to the Bird Sanctuary, and Nelson’s dockyard.

The dock has been restored extensively, and has been operating strong since the year 1745. After that, hike over to the rain forest and enjoy some time wandering around the jungle with many trails full of flora, fauna, and of course, unique wildlife. There are several different guides who are willing to give you a hand. Everything from trail maps to full service tours are available, depending on your comfort and skill level.


These three offer much to do in the way of natural beauty and wonder. Filled with shopping, historical landmarks, ancient underwater ruins, and lush rainforests, these islands are hard to beat for ultimate tropical getaway destinations. Not to mention the beautiful beaches… did we mention the beaches are beautiful? I thought so. They are still there, waiting for you to enjoy a sunrise, or sunset, with your drink of choice in hand.


Author: Nicole

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  1. Wonderful description of 3 paradises in Caribbean Sea. Full of history and nature. Very recommended. Congratulations

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