The Stunning Mexican Caribbean

For those of you that are looking to take holidays to Mexico, a world of adventure awaits. There are so many places to go and things to do that you will definitely want to make a few more repeat visits.

My first experience with the Caribbean was on the shores of Mexico. I fell in love with the soft white sand beaches and the gorgeous blue of the Caribbean Sea. We have been to this region a few times now and each time we go back there is still so much more to discover. With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite things to experience on the Caribbean side of Mexico.




See the World’s Largest Fish

Swimming with sharks may not be high on your bucket list. But you have probably never seen a shark like the ones found here. Known as the whale shark, these animals can measure as much as 12 meters in total length. As such, they are the largest fish in the world. However, you can put your fears away as these gentle giants only feast on plankton. The really cool part about the entire experience is that you get to swim right up to them. If you love sea life this excursion would be the chance of a lifetime.




Ruin Your Day

That’s right, Mexico is home to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Chichen Itza is one of the gems of the peninsula. This ancient Mayan capital is home to the temple of the Jaguars as well as the Tzompantli bench. That last mention is a bit morbid because that’s where they commonly placed the heads of human sacrifice victims. No worries though, you should be more than safe as they have been gone for a few centuries now. There is so much culture here and its best to use a guide so you can hear all the fascinating stories behind the Mayan culture.




Beaches Anyone?

Mexico is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The beaches of Tulum (nestled next to it’s ruins), the hip scene on the beaches of Playa del Carmen, and the tourist’s favorite and ever popular Cancun are all waiting with their fair share of sand and sun. The beaches here are picturesque with white sand and crystal clear ocean water; all that is missing is you with your umbrella drink of choice in hand!





Mexico is one of the few places where you can experience authentic local cuisine. Most places around the world that have Mexican restaurants are really not all that authentic. While you are visiting the country, make sure you take advantage of some of the pop up taco stands and authentic food vendor carts as well as their eat in establishments. Mexico is home to everything from five start dining to street side fare. You’ll be surprised at the prices, and your appetite will definitely be satisfied. What could be better then sipping a margarita or two while you enjoy authentic Mexican food, right? Well, maybe hitting the beach later to watch the sunset with another drink in hand.




This is of course just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this region of Mexico. A few other things to mention when planning your stay there. Make sure you know where the best places are to exchange currency. Some places offer lower rates than others. Sunscreen is a must for those long visits to the beach; it gets and stays hot in Mexico during the day. Hats and sunglasses make great accessories while you stroll through one of their shopping markets or open air malls, looking for souvenirs. Add that to all of the diving, beach combing, and natural wonders and you have a fantastic holiday to Mexico!


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Author: Nicole

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous beaches! I would love to swim with sharks if visit this beautiful place. Previously, I had taken a whale watching tour in San Juan Islands. It was a marvelous experience! Thanks for the info!

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  2. Give me the rundown on Zika in the Yucatan — and the Caribbean in general. I am not pregnant, nor will I be. But I also don’t want to get the bug or transmit to another.

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  3. Wow these beaches look awesome!

    I have been shark diving in Australia but would love to do it in Mexico one day as well. Especially after reading your post.

    Thanks so much for writing this

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