The Smallest Islands of the Caribbean

Millions of tourists and vacationers flock to the various Caribbean islands every year just to have a taste of an authentic tropical island paradise. There’s simply no comparison to the luxurious and exquisite experience of basking in bright sunlight, floating in transparently clear ocean waters, and lounging on creamy white beaches. All of these, you will find and encounter in the Caribbean’s numerous treasured islands; some, more well-known than others.

Yes, you’ve probably heard of a number of Caribbean islands. Though, it’s usually the larger ones, like Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Cuba that are most popular islands. They get most of the island guests. Hence, they’re usually packed full to the gills. If you’re more the private type of vacationer, or you want a more intimate setting for your island getaway, you might want to explore some of the Smallest Islands of the Caribbean instead. They may be smaller and slightly more secluded, but they boast equally the same awe-inspiring natural wonders as their larger counterparts.


The Smallest Islands of the Caribbean - Saba - tjcolorado



Want to feel like a castaway in a more luxurious and comfortable setting? Visit Saba. Saba is one of the smallest, if not the smallest island, in the Caribbean. Its size does not deter it from possessing a majestic beauty. Known to the world as the unspoiled queen of the Caribbean, Saba promises to be an authentic island getaway. There will be no mainstream commercial outlets in this little island. You won’t be seeing any designer boutiques or humongous malls and resorts. What you will see is nature at its finest. Travel to Saba by air or by sea and find a true sense of peace and if you’re lucky, you might see a wild dolphin or whale while you walk along the beautiful beaches.


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For a much more laid back and peaceful island vacation, visit Terre-De-Haut. This small island is part of the French Guadeloupe and is perfect for a visitor that likes an unplanned holiday. On Terre-De-Haut there are no rigid schedules to follow and almost everything that happens here is spontaneous. All you have is a serene community set in a breathtaking natural landscape. When you’re in the vicinity, don’t miss going to the Plage de Pompierre beach. Its soft white sand and striking blue waters will surely be worth the visit. Also, drop by the Napoleon Fort for a deeper appreciation of the area’s history and culture.


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San Juan

This very small island is a part of Puerto Rico, connected to the mainland by 3 bridges. Its charm comes from its potent historical significance to the country. Fortresses like the Castillo San Cristóbal and the Castillo San Felipe del Morro attract the history aficionados from all over the world. Aside from its history, San Juan’ allure also comes from its architecture and people. Known for its bright pastel buildings and kind, friendly people, San Juan should be a must see in anybody’s Caribbean wish list.


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Mustique is an island like no other. Its soft sand beaches and sunny yet breezy climate makes it simply blissful to visit. What visitors love the most about Mustique is probably the sense of exclusivity and intimacy it offers. The island has seen guests from all walks of life, including numerous big time celebrities.


What’s the smallest Island you have been to?



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  1. San Juan would definitely be the top of my list to visit out of the islands mentioned.

    I have visited many of the bigger islands, most recently I was in St Vincent, which is beautiful and the people on St Vincent the friendliest I have come across in the Caribbean!

    * pops San Juan on the to do list
    Kevin Hall recently posted…Mohegan Sun Resort, Uncasville, Connecticut, USMy Profile

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  2. If you haven’t been to Carriacou, don”t go. It’s beautiful the way it is.

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  3. I’ve made it to loads of tiny islands ranging from the barely inhabited to completely deserted, but I think Puerto Rico’s Culebra doesn’t get a lot of respect that it deserves.

    Though the town goes to sleep around 8pm, Flamenco Beach is gorgeous and the reefs on the island are in extraordinarily good shape for the Spanish Virgins.

    When you’re sick of doing nothing in Culebra after dark, Vieques steps in with the weirdest nightlife that we all secretly need, and it’s only a short flight or a couple ferries away.
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