Where the Rich and Famous Go in the Caribbean

Come winter time when temperatures drop and the days close in, the rich and famous take to the air like fabulous birds and land in the most exotic tropical resorts you can find. The Caribbean is definitely very popular for A-listers and many of the islands have famous landowners as well as vacationers. So out of all the islands, where do the Rich and Famous Go in the Caribbean?

Singer Rihanna is actually ‘coming home’ when she returns to the Caribbean, and she is frequently sighted on the beaches of her home island Barbados.


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Jay-Z and Beyoncé and baby Blue Ivy enjoy a good vacation, so when they come to the Caribbean they go to Anguilla Island in the North Caribbean. It is a very quiet island with a tiny resident population, far from the pressures of mega-stardom. Denzel Washington has a permanent holiday home here. Like a lot of celebrity magnets it does not have a dense high rise hotels complexes but rather smaller intimate resorts catering to those who need privacy. The Viceroy is the most popular celebrity resort on Anguilla with 5 star villas and beach access. This is where Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom honeymooned.


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Harbour Island on Eleuthera in the Bahamas is another laid back spot with Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey both owning homes here. It is famous for its no nonsense flip flops and fishing lifestyle. There are simple unsealed roads and plenty of places to hide. Again, there are few hotels and people tend to rent out homes or stay in resorts like the Cove which offers 5 star service and privacy. Cameron Diaz rented out a whole resort on Harbour Island to throw a bachelorette party for a best friend.


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Mustique in the St Vincent and Grenadines group, is one of those islands with real mystique. Privately owned, it is as exclusive as it comes and has been a favorite of the British royals over the decades and old rock royalty in later years. Mike Jagger and David Bowie have private residences on the island. There are a selection of luxury resorts but the Cotton House is one of the most exclusive with a long history. It has 17 suites which provide butler service at the top end and single luxury bedroom options.


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St Barts or St Bartelemy in the French West Indies is the classic celebrity get away and has a long history of film and pop stars turning up on its beaches and restaurants. Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman and Jay Z are frequent visitors. There are many luxurious resorts but one of the most popular is the Hotel Guanahani and Spa. It occupies its own peninsula with full access to the beaches, a beach side gym, tennis and the usual scuba diving and kayaking. It has a reputation for fine dining with two renown restaurants.


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Jamaica has an edge that appeals to celebrities like Kate Moss, Bjork and Gwen Stefani. They stay at GeeJam a resort with its very own recording studio. It is in six acres of native forest in the Blue Mountains with access to its own beach and nearby Frenchman’s Cove. It is very remote and peaceful with no distractions, making it a perfect getaway spot to allow the creative juices to flow. The relaxed island style meets tech savvy with guests being given cell phones on arrival. In this case exclusive means small, as there are only seven suites in total, plus it has its own healing spa.

You never know who you may run into during your Caribbean vacation!


If you were rich and famous, where would you go in the Caribbean?



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