A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean

We fell in love with the Caribbean the first time we went there.  Well, it may have actually been before went!  Prior to us traveling there we had seen 100s of photos of the crystal clear water, stunning beaches and amazing landscapes.  It’s amazing how some photos can inspire you to want to go somewhere you have never been before.  We couldn’t get there fast enough! We hope to inspire you with some of our best photos from our visits there.  Enjoy our Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean.


A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Beach at Barbados

 We were strolling along the beach in Barbados when we came across this turned over boat on the beach and saw it as a great photo opportunity.



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Clear Waters

 We visited the Virgin Islands as part of one of our Caribbean cruises in 2013.  We were blown away by now clear the water was there.  The temptation was too hard to resists and we were in that water pretty fast!



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Megans Beach

 Another place we visited during a cruise was Magens Bay in St Thomas.  One of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean.  The water here was crystal clear and the sand as soft and white as cotton wool.



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Curacao

One of our favorite places in the Caribbean in Curacao.  These famous colored buildings of Curacao sit on the waters edge and give this island a very colorful and happy vibe.



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Barbados

We had a wonderful opportunity to live in Barbados for two months.  One of our favorite places was the Broadwalk along the beach.  It’s a beautiful walk and the water here is of course, crystal clear and nice and warm.



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - BARBADOS-palm-trees-on-beach

 Another stunning Barbados beach we frequented during our time on this island.  This beach is called Bottoms Bay and is found on the east side of the island.



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Antigua - Shot from Cruise Ship

 On another cruise stop we saw the colorful buildings along the Antigua waterline.  Another beautiful island with wonderful swimming beaches and warm clear water.



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Aruba  - Chuch - 3

This church in Aruba is called Alto Vista Chapel and is one of Aruba’s most visited attractions.  The restored chapel dates back to 1750 and offers spectacular views of the North Coast.



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Curacao

Another shot of Curacao; a city full of color life and beautiful people!



A Photographic Journey Through the Caribbean - Magans Bay

After a long day of taking photos, Michael decided it was time to relax.  This was taken on Magens Bay Beach on the island of St Thomas.


What’s your favorite Caribbean Island?



Author: Nicole

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  1. What am I doing here sitting behind my desk…. Great promotion for a wonderful place!

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  2. Such lovely photos. The Caribbean is one of my favorite places in the world. There is so much beauty there.

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  3. Your blog has the prettiest pictures. The last one is just hilarious, because I think we’ve all been there at some point in our travels. “No I’m not getting up. I can take the picture from here.”

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  4. So, so beautiful! I want to go dip my toes in these waters right now!

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  5. You’re so lucky to have seen all of those gorgeous sites in the Caribbean. Each stunning picture shows how truly beautiful the Caribbean is. They also tell a story of your journey. I’m very impressed.

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  6. If you like the Virgins and Barbados, come find the “hidden gem” island of St.Vincent. All of the warm clear waters, thriving reefs, lush,steep rainforests with hidden waterfalls. No crowds, no big resorts. The Caribbean the way “it used to be”. Come see.

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