Our Story

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Thanks for stopping by!  We are Michael and Nicole; an Aussie couple who decided to pack up our ‘conventional’ life and live a life full of travel!

We decided to take control of our life and live it on our terms.  Travel has always been a passion for both of us and as often as we could we would travel to somewhere new.

However, a vacation here and there wasn’t enough.  In March 2012, we decided to travel A LOT!  Since then we have traveled to so many amazing countries.

We fell in love with the Caribbean on our very first cruise. Since then we have taken another Caribbean cruise to see more of the islands and even spent some time living in Barbados! She keeps calling us back time and time again and have another trip on the horizon.

It made sense to start a Caribbean travel blog for other travelers who love the region as much as we do! Here we will share our own stories, destination guides, hear from other Caribbean travelers, share photographs and much more.

If you enjoy the Caribbean as much as we do, this is the site for you!

Thank you for following our journey and w hope you enjoy our looking into the amazing Caribbean Island life!