Make the Most of Your Vacation to Rhodes

Known as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, after a vacation to this Greek Island you are most definitely guaranteed to get that glowing tan you are looking for. Why? Because your holiday to Rhodes features a subtropical climate and sunny skies, that’s why!

Rhodes has the best of what you’re looking for in a holiday. It’s natural beauty, monuments, archeology, and long storied history make for an incredible visit. You’re sure to captivated and enchanted during your time here. Let’s take a look at some of the best the island has to offer!



For starters, visit the Rhodes Aquarium. It houses an incredible variety of fish species and has been around since1934. It is one of the few aquariums that also pulls double duty for being a research facility also. Take your family and let them wander around the complex and stare at all of the amazing sea life; you will not be disappointed.

You can take in more history by visiting the village of Asklipios. There you will find a medieval castle that is still majestic, even though it hearkens from an ancient time. They also have the church of Theotokou, which is an old Byzantine church featuring interesting paintings and a museum that pays homage to its folklore. Views from the top are great by the way! You will get a stunning look at the beaches and scenery below. Well worth a visit.



Kalathos is another great village to visit. They are more traditional in their ways and only 400 people call this place home. However, if you’re looking for some of the most authentic food in Rhodes, this is your go to. The smaller population and traditional ways mean recipes have been handed down for generations and you will get to taste dishes that have remained in certain families for years. An absolute culinary delight, Kalathos should be on your to do list.

Finally, be sure to visit the subterranean graves at Korakonero. This is an ancient cemetery and features a unique method of burial. Bodies were places in cisterns underground, all chiseled by hand. As it happens, the original graves were discovered by the Italian Archaeological School just before the second World War came to an end. They were restored and are now a featured tourist spot on the island.



As far as dining options go, consider the following. When you are in Old town, be sure to check out Rustico. They are right in the heart of the area tucked between two noble houses on a stone street. One of the best Greek taverns in the area, they have incredible food and a great atmosphere.

For awesome seafood, try Sea Food Romeo. They serve up incredible catches from the sea as well as other culinary indulgences, all within the confines of a building that is more than 500 years old! This place is a great lunch or dinner spot. They have a wide veranda that will allow you to enjoy the cool night air while you eat under the stars should you choose to.



Finally, if you are looking for a more royal setting then try the Ippotikon restaurant that looks like you are stepping back to medieval times. The building resembles a castle, and the gastronomy experience inside will be well worth a visit. They serve great food, incredible Rhodian wine, and are able to accommodate most dietary requests. A great experience in a medieval setting, Ippotikon is a must see.

Now you have a few places to add to your holiday itinerary when you plan your visit to Rhodes. With the ancient history, and incredible food, you have plenty to talk about at lunch and dinner. If you prefer a bit of silence and serenity, your hotel resort or the many beaches will make great spots for repose and relaxation. The only thing left to do is pack your sunscreen and buy your plane ticket. Rhodes is waiting for you to explore!



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