Not Just Beautiful Beaches: Top Caribbean Nature Reserves

Want a soothing getaway being immersed in nature’s wonders? We know one of the best destinations for you – right in the heart of the Caribbean. The Caribbean or Antilles is a group of nations and islands in the Caribbean Sea; some of which are bounded by the North Atlantic Ocean. It offers a favorable climate with vast terrains of different proportions. The Caribbean islands are full of peaks, mountains, trenches, beaches, and underwater forms, creating diverse natural habitats for the various flora and fauna living there. The sights will blow you away.

Millions of avid nature lovers, rugged terrain adventurers, and simple island vacationers flock the shores of the various Caribbean islands to get a taste of what nature at its best can offer. With so much beauty in Paradise we have listed a few suggestions for nature lovers heading to the Caribbean.  Here’s our top Caribbean Nature Reserves.


Not Just Beautiful Beaches Top Caribbean Nature Reserves - Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago is an island country located in the northern edge of the Caribbean’s South American side. The nation has several smaller islands which are still being explored, giving authentic wild characteristics throughout the land. The vast areas of wetlands and a lush rain forest with many fascinating wildlife will give anyone the delight of a natural setting.

The forest reserve of the country offers you a picturesque view of the surrounding cliffs, trees, falls, and wildlife. The surrounding landscape offers a relaxing and comfortable feeling that only nature can bring. The drops of water from the falls that comes from a nearby water shed is also very soothing to watch.


Not Just Beautiful Beaches Top Caribbean Nature Reserves - blue-iguana1


Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a group of three islands in the Caribbean under the overseas territory of the British. These three islands are the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and the Little Cayman. Together they provide guests a stunning array of wonderful geographic features. The underwater ridge and trench are among the massive peaks in the Caribbean.

The nature reserve in the islands is diverse in both fauna and flora. The Blue Iguana Natural Reserve offers a close encounter with the adorable reptile blue iguana in its natural habitat. The other animal sightings in the islands include the booby pond for watching the impressive seabird booby. If you walk and trek along the trails of the islands, you will see an abundance of dry evergreen woodlands, strangler fig trees and giraffe trees.


Blue Hole National Park Belize



The 700 island country of the Bahamas is situated in the Atlantic Ocean side. The tropical savannah feature of the Bahamas offers beautiful beaches, forest trails, and awesome nature adventures. The country’s serene beauty and the fact that it has not been tainted by too much modernity appeals to many nature lovers.

The Rand Nature Center in the Bahamas is one vast area of nature. In this place you can see many Coppice and Pine Barrens. Another fascinating nature reserve is the Blue Holes Natural Park. It offers a massive limestone bedrock and under water caves to trek on.


Not Just Beautiful Beaches Top Caribbean Nature Reserves - st-croix-cane-bay


Saint Croix

Saint Croix Island is a direct county of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It has several wonderful natural reserves. The natural abundance in the island can entice anyone to explore them.

The Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Reserve has beautiful and pristine surroundings that are capped with lush forest, waterways, and the mangrove lagoons. The marine reserve in the island is full of majestic and wonderful creatures. The different types of birds flying around the forest trail and natural parks give joy like no other sights can. With their elegant wings being spread for flight, they leave witnesses breathless.


What’s do you think of our top Caribbean Nature Reserves?  Do you have any to add?



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