Great Wildebeest Migration

One of wildlife’s most incredible natural migrations is that of the Wildebeest and other plains game in Tanzania and Kenya. Commonly known as The Great Migration, this mass movement of animals in search of new grasses for grazing, creates some of the best game viewing in the world.

The Great Migration traditionally follows the rains as the animals search for new grasses on the plains of the Serengeti and Masai Mara. The result is an ongoing game of predator and prey.



As the Wildebeest and Zebra herds move, so too do their predators. Constantly tracked by prides of lion and stalked by river hunters like Crocodile, these plains game need to be alert 24/7.

There are several camps and lodges throughout Tanzania and Kenya where you go to view this Great Migration. One thing to keep in mind however is that nature is not an exact science. The rains do not always fall at the same time, so locking down an exact destination to view the Migration from can be tricky work.



You do have other options like luxury tents, where the accommodation moves to find the Migration, this is a fantastic option for adventure seekers. If you want more information including a Map of The Great Migration, visit

African Safari Home is a luxury tour operator with hands-on experience in Tanzania and Kenya. They can suggest the best time of year to travel as well as contact their sources on the ground to find out where the migration can currently be seen.



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