Fun in the Sun in Aruba

Aruba. The word itself often brings to mind images of picturesque beaches. In addition to the world famous beaches, Aruba is known for its climate and geography. This stunning island is located just outside of the hurricane belt, and, unlike much of the Caribbean, has a dry climate. These factors make beach going possible all year long, subsequently making there no “off” month for tourism season. Therefore, you can visit Aruba anytime of the year, whether for a Valentine’s get-away or an escape from life during tax season, and be almost guaranteed a perfect weather vacation.


Fun in the Sun in Aruba - Things to do in Aruba Itinerary  - Aruba Sunset


To many, a visit to Aruba would not be considered to be a visit to Aruba without visiting the world famous, breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Eagle Beach is not only the most famous beach on the island, but is also one of the most famous beaches in the entire world. Eagle Beach is the longest beach on the island and caters to every interest a beach lover may have. They have more crowded areas of the beach where people can socialize, more secluded areas for those who wish enjoy the beach in solitude, wooden rental chairs under tropical trees, and water sports that the more adventurous beach goers can partake in. No matter what you want to experience on the beach, you will enjoy the famous soft white sands and celestial blue waters.


Fun in the Sun in Aruba - Things to do in Aruba Itinerary  - Turtles on Eagle Beach


Eagle Beach is also famous for protecting the Aruban wildlife while simultaneously allowing visitors to have the experience one would expect when they visit a world famous beach. Officials do not restrict where the hundreds of Aruban turtles, who choose to make Eagle Beach their nesting ground each year, can lay their eggs. Instead, they mark off the nests with red tape and make sure people do not disturb them. Animal enthusiasts flock to the beach each year during hatching season to watch the thousands of baby turtles emerge from their nests and struggle across the unknown beach, before triumphantly entering the ocean for the first time. Even if you are not an animal enthusiast, you should make an effort to see this once in a lifetime, unforgettable scene.


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If you want to do more than beach bum during your entire vacation to Aruba, yet still enjoy nature, Arikok Nation Park is an absolute must see. The park takes up 20% of all the land in Aruba. Arikok contains a mix of desert climate, containing Caribbean cacti, breathtaking beaches and a wide array of rare flowers. Caves are scattered throughout the park, making it possible to enjoy the beauty of the park above ground as well as below.


Fun in the Sun in Aruba - Things to do in Aruba Itinerary  - Lizard Aruba


In addition to preserving the natural beauty of Aruba, as well as the plants and unique ecosystems within, the park also works to preserve the endangered species of the island. In recent years, they have worked tirelessly to protect the bat population of the island as well as Cascabel, a rattlesnake native to Aruba. These animals are most often killed by humans who do not realize the tremendous importance that both animals play in the ecosystems of the island. Park officials work to educate the public, and allow visitors to see the beautiful ecosystems that these two animals are helping to keep running.


Fun in the Sun in Aruba - Things to do in Aruba Itinerary  - Huts on Beach in Aruba Credit @57768426@N00


Aruba is a dream vacation location for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are someone who loves laying on the beach, exploring national parks, or loves the thrill of watching an endangered species conquer the elements, Aruba is a must visit destination. Additionally, you do not only have to pick one of these aspects to enjoy, they can enjoy them all in one visit to this small but stunning island paradise.


What’s your recommendation for fun in the sun in Aruba?



Author: Nicole

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  1. I heard that the Alto Vista Chapel in Aruba is worth a visit. Have you guys been there? Was it worth going to see?

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    • Michael

      yes we have been there. It’s a beautiful church, but what makes it so great is that it contrasts perfectly with it’s background. It has a feeling you found a church in the middle of nowhere.
      Michael recently posted…Itinerary Ideas for your Curacao VacationMy Profile

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  2. These photos are stunning…I have NOT done anything in the Caribbean. I am not going to take a cruise, so what would be your advice at getting the most out of a trip? How would you go? I do not have unlimited time, either…which I know puts a crimp in my style.
    Corinne recently posted…Durian – Stinky Fruit or a Must-have Delicacy?My Profile

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    • Michael

      Cruises are a great way to see a lot of islands quickly, but you don’t get to see a lot of each island.

      My suggestion for getting the most out of a Caribbean experience is to spend 4-5 days on each. This allows you to relax as well as explore the island.

      If you are going to go all the way there, then you will want to choose at least 3 islands to see. You can jump on a plane or a boat for transport between each one.

      In regards to what island to pick. That’s tough as it is going to depend on what you want to see. Research is your best bet, but I don’t think you could go wrong with Aruba as one of your choices.
      Michael recently posted…Spending Time in Paradise; Your Bahamas ItineraryMy Profile

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  3. I haven’t been there but your blog inspired me to do a bit of research and Arikok National Park is now high on my must see places.

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  4. Look at those turtles! How cute!

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  5. Another great post Michael! I’m such a fan of this blog. I want to see those Aruban turtles up close. Thanks for the fascinating ideas.

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