Five Caribbean Activities for the Adventurous at Heart

For many the paradisaical shores of the Caribbean inspire a vision of them sipping cocktails on pearly white sands and dipping their toes into azure blue seas.

However, for those with a taste for the more, shall we say distinctive island experiences we’ve the perfect inspiration for your Caribbean escape.

After all, wouldn’t it be dull if you returned home after your vacation to paradise with just a tan and a souvenir?


Five Caribbean Activities for the Adventurous at Heart - Explore the Deep


Explore the Deep

While there are a number of submarine tours across the waters of the Caribbean, the island of Grand Cayman offers an underwater exploration with a difference.

Going deep under the ocean after dark in a high tech submersible, offers a unique insight into the island’s aquatic nightlife.

Experience the thrill of the underwater world without sporting a wetsuit and regulator. Sit back and enjoy the ride as you sample a taste of life in the deep and watch pelagic species such as Giant Cubera Snapper and Silvery Tarpon hunt using the lights from your submarine.


Five Caribbean Activities for the Adventurous at Heart  - Shake Your Booty


Shake Your Booty

I’ve no doubt that everyone is familiar with the high octane carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

However if you’re after a real party, head down to the Port-of-Spain where each February more than 200,000 party people join together in a glittering display of color, movement and soca music.

Sporting your finest skimpy costume or decked out in glitter galore, join a band and parade through the streets during this 5 day celebration.

Your packing list should include but is not limited to; spandex leotards, make up, high heels, a feathered head dress and the stamina to party all night long.


Five Caribbean Activities for the Adventurous at Heart  - Sample a James Bond Style Landing


Sample a James Bond Style Landing

Home to one of the most hair raising aviation experiences on the planet – landing on the shortest runway in the world – the trip over to St. Bart’s from neighboring St. Maarten is one for the brave.

Dubbed the ‘third most dangerous airport in the world’ the tarmac stops abruptly at just 20m from the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, and offers very little in the way of a ‘Plan B’ should your pilot be unable to bring the plane to a stop.

We recommend that this is only to be experienced by those with a strong constitution and desire for an adrenaline fuelled afternoon. There is a ferry service for those who enjoy a more sedate island hopping excursion.


Five Caribbean Activities for the Adventurous at Heart  - Golf with Monkeys


Golf with Monkeys

The Robert Trent Jones II course at the rather exclusive Four Seasons Nevis offers a unique sporting escape.

Watching as you swing your club a simian troop of playful Vervet monkeys will score your efforts as they laze amongst the foliage surrounding the green.

Out numbering locals on the island these crafty little creatures make for a great photo op, just watch that they don’t steal your ball!


Five Caribbean Activities for the Adventurous at Heart -Pina Colada


Sample the Original Pina Colada

After all that excitement and adventure it’s time to sit back, relax and drink in the taste of the Caribbean.

Declared the national drink of Puerto Rico in 1978 there is really no better place to sip at this legendary beverage than an Old San Juan establishment on the island where it was invented back in 1963.

Rum, coconut and pineapple mixed with a palm filled courtyard and a hazy afternoon combine to make the perfect addition to your Caribbean escape.


Which of these could you see yourself doing?


Charli Moore is a location independent freelance writer and editor. Travelling perpetually in search of outdoor adventures she loves nothing more than exploring the natural world. Enforcing no restrictions on her itinerary she has chosen to travel at a slow pace and incorporate house sitting assignments in each country she visits. With no time limit restricting her adventures she is content to continue exploring the world as a digital nomad.

Charli is the editor of niche adventure travel blog Wanderlusters. Follow her adventures on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.



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  1. I could see myself doing all of these! Some of them at the same time 😉

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  2. The submarine tours sounds like a lot of fun. So do the Pina Coladas. The super-dangerous airport? Eh. Not so much.

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  3. you have nailed what is best about the Caribbean _ it is mellow adventure all the way and then a really long party.

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  4. Golf with monkies? Never though that would happen!

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  5. I want to do the submarine tours! I’m definitely trying that out when I’m down that way 🙂

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  6. adventure to me is more like hiking in the rainforests to find hidden waterfalls, or climbing a live volcano. Try swimming with the fish rather than a view through the window. Try finding the islands you haven’t heard of.

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