Exploring the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands form part of the Western Caribbean Zone and are made up of three main islands, namely Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  The Cayman Islands are quite simply a beautiful part of the world.  Like a lot of the Caribbean island they are not just ascetically pleasing to the eye, they come with an amazing history. You will find them located northwest of Jamaica, and south of Cuba.


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Visiting the Cayman Islands is experiencing the whole package of amazing sights, sounds, tastes and memorable activities. Whatever the reason for your visit, whether it’s getting away from the daily grind or just wanting some time in the Caribbean, you’ll be a new and rejuvenated you – mind, heart, body and soul – by the time you leave. The Cayman Islands simply oozes fun and excitement. From its infrastructures to its natural wonders, there’s just so much fun to be had exploring the Cayman Islands.


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Seven Mile Beach, one of Grand Cayman’s greatest attractions is home to a number of the island’s resorts and hotels. Seven Mile Beach, on the western shore of Grand Cayman Island is public property and walking on the beach to its full length is possible. While walking, one gets to pass by all the resorts, hotels, and public beach bars.  While enjoying the view of the structures on one side and the sight of the sea on the other. Seven Mile Beach is labeled one of the Ultimate Beaches by Caribbean Travel and Life.


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Snorkeling and Diving

All three islands have locations for scuba diving, and the Cayman Islands offer several snorkel areas too where tourists can swim with stingrays and other marine life. The very popular location for this activity is at Stingray City, a top attraction in Grand Cayman that originally started in the 1980s.


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Off the shores of Cayman Brac are two shipwrecks, the most popular being the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts. Many other shipwrecks are found off the shores of Grand Cayman. The USS Kittiwake in 1994 was struck and decommissioned from the Naval Vessel Register and was sunk in 2009 to make an artificial reef off Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. The Kittiwake has become a dynamic habitat for marine life and while visitors are not to take anything, there are many sights for them to appreciate. The ship offers squirrelfish, Goliath groupers, rare sponges, urchins, and more on every deck. Another popular choice for divers is to scuba around the Kittiwake.


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East End

Rent a car for the day and visit the East End.  It’s a lot quieter than than some of the touristy areas and it will feel a lot more peaceful. The East End is a lot more ‘natural’ and you can get more of a feel of island living.

While there you can visit the East End Light (or the so called Gorling Bluff Light).  The lighthouse itself isn’t worth visiting, but the park offers great information about the history of the East End.  There is also a good chance you will run into some native wildlife (watch out for the snakes!).


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Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

From beaches to shipwrecks, it is now time to relax and take a scenic ride to an ecological paradise. Opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1994, this botanical park has a number of gardens, trails, as well as traditional and exotic floral display. Also in the park are birds and animals that make the lake area their habitat. The Botanical Park has preserved the history of the place in terms of nature and the culture of the people through their love of nature. What a unique blend.


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  1. Smith Cove is a hidden gem. Small local beach where ou can bring your own cooler and relax. Also stunning views, sunsets and snorkel.

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