Dream Locations for a Caribbean Honeymoon

Let’s face it: planning your wedding was exhausting. Even though you were excited about your big day, the last year of planning everything from flower arrangements, to cake flavors and even lace patterns, was way more stressful than you ever thought it would be when you were growing up and looking forward to your big day. Therefore, you need time to relax before you get into the hustle and bustle of married life, and a time of escape with your spouse to add to the foundational bond that will carry you through the rest of your married years. You need a Caribbean vacation, and with so many locations, you can find the spot that fits you and your new spouse perfectly. Here’s our top picks for Dream Locations for a Caribbean Honeymoon.


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Anguilla is the perfect Caribbean honeymoon location, and has something for everyone to enjoy. Like many Caribbean islands it has the typical night life, specifically near where the cruise ships dock. There are also casinos, five star hotels and plenty of shops. Therefore, if you prefer the adventure of a memorable night out, Anguilla is the place.

One of the top spots for a night out is Dune Preserve. The Dune Preserve is a two acre piece of land situated between the Temenos Golf Club and the CuisinArt Resort on Rendezvous Bay. Not only is this an ideal place to relax with a few drinks while interacting with locals and fellow tourists, it is also the only place on the island to hear Bankie Banx. Bankie Banx is one of the most famous reggae artists from the Caribbean, and can only be found at this magical spot. His tunes will have you swaying, grooving and singing long after your honeymoon is over, and the night at the Dune Preserve is an excellent memory to have and share with others.


Dream Locations for a Caribbean Honeymoon - anguilla -  idee_per_viaggiare 2


However, if you and your spouse prefer more alone time during your honeymoon, Anguilla will still cater to you needs.  In addition to the hopping night life, there are plenty of secluded spots calling to be explored. There are private beaches that you can rent for the day, and other beaches that are hidden away and less known to the average tourist. Therefore, make friends with locals, such as the locals working at the resort where you are staying, and ask them about any hidden gems on the island. Many locals are happy to share. There are also hidden paths and hiking trails throughout the island, and if you are hoping to adventure down one of these, try to bring a local person to help you navigate.


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Another great honeymoon island in the Caribbean is Martinique. Martinique is your stereotypical Caribbean island: miles of beautiful white beaches bordering tropical rainforest landscape and even a volcano stretching up towards the skyline. The island’s beauty is furthered by its reputation of being “The Island of Flowers”, thanks to the over one hundred species of orchids that call the island home. There is no better way to describe this island than absolutely beautiful, and a beautiful tropical island is the key ingredient to many honeymooners fantasies.

As one could expect, the island has become very touristy, and therefore, secluded places can be difficult to find, although it is still possible. The resorts on this island are world famous, though, and many honeymooners spend their entire time on the island at their resort. Many resorts have their own private islands, so you can still enjoy the beauty of this magical place.


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If you are looking for a quieter and more personable honeymoon you should look at British Virgin Islands as an option.  These islands are some of the least developed in the Caribbean and therefore there are a lot less tourists. Many tourists come to these islands by ferry from other islands, which add to the appeal of the islands. Since these islands are so secluded, many tourists prefer to split their time between these islands and the nearby US Virgin Islands or Anguilla. However, since you will be on your honeymoon, perhaps you and your spouse will prefer the much needed alone time.


After the extensive time you put into planning your wedding, it will be important for you and your spouse to relax and bond. There is no better way to do this than in a Caribbean Island vacation. Since there are so many islands, it is easy to find an island with everything you want.


Do you have any other suggestions for Dream Locations for a Caribbean Honeymoon?



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  1. My hubby and I spent our honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica 35 years ago. It was magical then, however, I since visiting other islands, I would love a 2nd honeymoon, I think, in Martinique. The quick visit on a cruise just gave us enough to intrigue us. Dreaming

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