Best Places to Scuba Dive in the Caribbean

There is something magical about life under the ocean: so much beauty, so much complexity, so much diversity, all out of sight, like a hidden gem waiting to be found. When people fly over the ocean, they seem miles and miles and miles of water. From the sky, it is impossible to see just how deep that water is, and within that depth, there are billions of different species of marine life. In fact, the ocean is still one of the most unexplored areas of the planet.

This mysteriousness has caused thousands of people to dive (no pun intended) into the hobby of scuba diving. In the past few decades, scuba divers have traveled to the Caribbean for their underwater adventures, enjoying the warm water and weather, celestial blue water and colorful marine life. If you are a scuba diver, taking a scuba diving adventure in the Caribbean is a must.  Here’s our choices for best places to Scuba Dive in the Caribbean.


Best Places to Dive in the Caribbean


The Caribbean Sea contains thousands of islands, all which make up the part of the world known as the Caribbean many of which are uninhabited. For example, the Bahamas has seven hundred islands with only thirty being inhabited. Add to this over two thousand found hundred cays, known as coral reefs and you can see that the Caribbean has a lot of options. With a high number of islands and reefs makes the Caribbean a scuba divers dream, since there are many places to dock and redock from, as well as rest, without being disturbed. Additionally, the low amount of populated islands makes it likely that there will not be a lot of boat traffic and therefore, the marine life will not be disturbed.




Stingray City is located in the Cayman Islands and is one of the most popular scuba diving places in all of the Caribbean, and an absolute favorite among stingray lovers worldwide. It is located in the North Sound of the islands, and is a popular tourist attraction. This is a great stop for people with less scuba diving experience with plenty to see in the shallow waters.

Since hundreds of people come here each day to see the stingrays, often on guided tours, this is not the quietest destination and you may feel crowded at times. Although this is a wonderful site for beginners, advanced scuba divers and people looking for a bit more room should look elsewhere, such as Green Outhouse Wall.


Best Places to Dive in the Caribbean


The Green Outhouse Wall is located in Honduras, and since it is a more advanced dive, it is much more quiet and undisturbed. The wall is a reef which contains lots of brain coral, sea fans and gorgonians. There is also an abundance of marine life to be found here, such as angle fish, barracudas and stingrays. This dive is not extremely difficult, making it a perfect place for divers who have medium experience.


Best Places to Scuba Dive in The Caribbean


Victory Reef, located in the Bahamas is another excellent diving spot with multiple canyons to explore. These canyons contain a plethora of marine plants that live on the rocky walls and ample marine animal life within. There are also sharks that make frequent visits, making this dive a definite bucket list site. Additionally, the sun tends to reflect through the crystal clear water into the canyons, highlighting not only the beauty of the marine plant and animal life, but also the beauty of the Caribbean water itself.


2Best Places to Scuba Dive in the Caribbean


The Caribbean is a constant favorite among divers of all skill levels, beginning, more experienced and advanced, and with its beautiful waters, it is easy to see why. Whether you dive for adventure or pleasure, or enjoy seeing the plants, animals or just the water, scuba diving the Caribbean is a must.


Have you been scuba diving in the Caribbean?



Author: Nicole

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  1. Wow those photos are beautiful, I have just got my certificate in a swimming pool and murky waters of my homeland, these pictures remind me of what is is all about.

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  2. What is that fish on the very bottom slide?

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  3. There’s no wonder so many are “diving” into the act of scuba diving. If it allows me to see and bask in so much beauty, sign me up for the beginners’ lessons! I want to learn how to dive in the Caribbean.

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  4. We love to dive, and have been to a number of places in the Caribbean. My favorite is Los Roques archipelago off the coast of Venezuela. Absolutely gorgeous. We’ve also done some good dives in the Bahamas, St. Kitts and the British Virgin Islands.
    Tamara recently posted…Food for Thought with Slightly AstrayMy Profile

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    • Michael

      I think everyone that has been to Los Roques has been impressed! There are so many wonderful places to choose from in the Caribbean, which is great for the divers out there.
      Michael recently posted…Things to do in Nevis & St. KittsMy Profile

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  5. Always great to read about the Bahamas, thanks Michael & Nicole for sharing your experience in the Bahamas with the world.

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